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Marbella Real Estate Recovery with Precrisis Figures in Spain

Marbella real estate recovery with precrisis figures. The revival of the real estate business in Marbella intimated in recent years has been consolidated and the only shade is the uncertainty created by the annulment of the PGOU. This follows from two reports on the situation in the housing market made by consulting firm CBRE, highlighting the role of locomotive Marbella continues to exercise in construction activity in the province.

The first of these reports, notes that the market is well-established, with the fifth year of recovery after the bursting of the bubble in late 2007 and early 2008. Sales volume in the city in 2015 increased by 9.83 percent, which allowed the number of operations will be located just one percent below the 2006 results, when the market was booming and not suspected I was at the gates of an unprecedented crisis.

Large investment funds looking for land acquisition

Investment funds are taking positions for the final revival of the housing market and housing development. This is reflected in the report of the consultant CBRE, noted that during the past year were made in the term of Marbella most of the operations of large purchases of land on the Costa del Sol. Of the 18 most important operations, half took place in Marbella with the purchase of more than half a million square meters for building area of more than 250,000 meters in the nine operations. The most important took place in Nagüeles and Las Dunas Club, with operations in which 170,000 meters of land in each were acquired.

The paper points out that 2015 was the busiest year in purchases of land, and as a result prices have slowed adjustment. “From this year is the time to develop these soils and where marketing is becoming key projects” he says.

The report also warns that the acquisition of land for investment funds from around the world is one of the most notable trends that are occurring in the Marbella real estate recovery and that will result in the coming months to develop a twenty projects.

According to the report, the recovery in Marbella is ahead of experiencing the whole of Spain, a situation attributed to the diversity of the buyer’s market that operates in the city, coming from different countries. 80 percent of buyers operating in the Marbella property market are foreigners.

The CBRE report notes that 2015 was the year with more activity in the residential sector in the last decade and Marbella, with its attractive in foreign markets, has acted as the locomotive of the whole province and especially the towns of their environment: Estepona, Benahavis and Mijas.

The increase last year, however, has been less than the previous year, when buyers left the market massively considering that prices had bottomed out. Now, prices are rising and are at an average similar to that of 2004, as reflected on the report citing as its source the indicators published by

According to the data itself real estate, prices of Marbella are now 20 percent below the peaks reached in the city, with the exception of properties located in the most desirable areas of the city, which have maintained more stable level and are between 10 and 15 percent below the highest in the historical series. Here too, Marbella presents a better situation than the Spanish average, which according to INE data recorded during the previous year growth of 5.8 %% in the new housing and 4.2% at resale. Over the past year, one out of three homeowners with property for sale were adjusted upward its prices, which led to a turnaround in relation to the previous eight years, it reflects the work.

Among the factors cited to explain the improvement in activity in Marbella, the report cites the still competitive prices, the weakness of the euro against the pound sterling, low interest rates, high returns on real estate investments compared to other and the reference of Marbella as secure when investing destination.

Marbella General plan

The Marbella real estate recovery only shadow, is the doubt hovering over this sustained recovery in housing activity is marked by the uncertainty created by the annulment of the General Plan in November last year.

The CBRE report notes that there are soils that are affected in a positive way and others who have been hurt. This uncertainty, they say is the worst scenario for the arrival of capital. The study warns that by 2016 is expected to promoter activity intensified throughout the western coast of the province, driven by land purchases already made and the progressive exhaustion of the stock of quality in the main areas of residential tourism, although the annulment PGOU may cause a shift of investors to other locations.

However, the forecasts are that the coming months prices will continue to rise gradually, both in homes and in soil.

The lack of new homes in Marbella, due the voidance of the 2010 general urban planning, will keep pushing the prices of second homes even higher… So, If you are searching for the latest property listed in Marbella, do not take too long, as the high demand for Marbella luxury property and the Costa del Sol keep pushing the prices higher and higher every month, so if you would like to buy your luxury property in Marbella and the Costa del Sol before prices get too expensive, please do not hesitate to fill the form on Contact Us or give us a call on+34 952 811 010 Today!

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